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SAIF Our Code

This Code represents the resolute commitment by SAIF members to uphold a high standard of commercial communication activities that is at all times, responsible, legal, decent, honest and truthful. These activities include advertising, packaging, merchandising, consumer promotions, and point of sale information. The Code incorporates mechanisms to deal with transgressions effectively. 


There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows that the responsible consumption of alcohol by non-at-risk individuals is compatible with a balanced, healthy lifestyle and can increase the quality of life for some. However, excessive or irresponsible consumption of alcohol can lead to negative personal, social, and health consequences.


While international research finds that advertising does not increase the misuse of alcohol, SAIF members understand that there is an information imbalance in the representation of the positives and negatives related to drinking alcoholic beverages. Members aim to equalize this imbalance by following a strict self-regulatory Code that shares reliable information and encourages responsible drinking behaviours.  


This Code serves to reassure the Namibian community at large that SAIF members are committed to the responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages to non-at-risk adults who can make informed decisions. Effective self-regulation is essential to SAIF’s partnership with the Namibian government and to maintaining public trust.

Commercial White Paper

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