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SAIF Windhoek



The conscientious producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages in Namibia understand that their products can be abused. They created SAIF in order to coordinate and direct activities to mitigate this abuse. 

The members of SAIF believe that a healthy alcohol industry is dependent on a healthy society. Alcohol, when used in a responsible way, can be enjoyable to partake in but if misused can cause short and long term harm to our communities. 

SAIF aims to make a substantial contribution to developing norms around responsible drinking. They'd like people to make good drinking decisions while armed with evidence-based information and educational resources.

The majority of people who consume alcohol do so in a moderate, low-risk manner. SAIF wants everyone to have a good time but in a safe, responsible way. 

In particular, SAIF will advocate for responsible consumption and the self-regulation of the alcohol industry through championing and coordinating initiatives such as:


Spearhead and manage mass media campaigns.

Represent the common interests of its members on a variety of platforms.


Engage key stakeholders such as the Namibian government, potential and current SAIF members as well as the general public on issues concerning the alcohol industry, responsible drinking and harm reduction activities.


Amplify the activities of SAIF and that of its members to all relevant stakeholders

Organize preventative and educational programmes.


Reducing alcohol abuse

Committed to being a trusted partner in reducing the harms of alcohol abuse in Namibia

Sharing reliable information

Sharing reliable and evidence-based information to develop norms on the alcohol industry

Responsible drinking

Establish a responsible drinking culture in Namibia, as a healthy alcohol industry needs a healthy society

SAIF Know when to say no

SAIF wants to promote a responsible drinking culture and reduce the societal harm caused by the misuse of alcohol.  

SAIF is particularly passionate about protecting young people and those most vulnerable to alcohol abuse. Nobody under the age of 18 should consume alcohol. Marketing material should reflect this and never allude to any benefits of alcohol consumption. We want our young people and their caregivers to make informed choices and for those of legal age to follow low-risk drinking guidelines.  



To be a thought leader in establishing a responsible drinking culture and harm free alcohol industry in Namibia.

SAIF intends to change the reputation of alcohol in society by promoting responsible conduct in the Alcohol Industry.

SAIF Take the pledge
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