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If you’re a member of SAIF you pledge never to sell alcoholic beverages to unlicensed outlets.

Responsible drinking is when adults drink in a way that doesn't harm others or themselves. Impaired driving and underage drinking are examples of reckless drinking that can escalate to alcohol abuse and harmful effects for the drinker and others.


Encouraging responsible drinking in our society advocates a good role for alcohol in society by highlighting: that alcohol may be part of a healthy lifestyle; and  the role alcohol distributors and manufacturers can play in decreasing harmful alcohol use. Globally, most individuals drink responsibly, including Namibians, and this tendency requires continued encouragement.


Do not give in to peer pressure and/or pressure others to drink.

Have a buddy system when drinking and notify someone of your plans before you go out to drink (where you are going, who you are with, how you will get home).

Know your limit and keep track of the number of drinks you have.

Stay hydrated while drinking. Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic drinks such as water, juice, anything non-alcoholic.

Pace yourself, consume beverages slowly and monitor how you feel.

Never drink an opened or unattended drink.

Know how much alcohol is in your drink.

Make responsible decisions when you drink that will not cause harm towards you or other people.

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