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We aim to create awareness throughout the Alcohol Industry sector and the community at large of the existence, purpose of, and services available from SAIF and in particular:



To inform all members on social, political, technological and economic matters of interest as it relates to the scope and mandate of SAIF.

To collect, classify and disseminate statistical and other information of relevance and interest to the responsible use of alcohol.




To facilitate the gathering and exchange of information and the debating of issues relating to the use and abuse of alcoholic beverages.

To undertake research in order to enable SAIF to formulate appropriate strategies for resolving perceived challenges.

To provide SAIF members with an advisory service such as they may require within the scope of the mandate of SAIF.



To organize and run training courses and seminars for the benefit of its members and other stakeholder groups.

To produce and distribute, relative information to its members and the community at large so as to keep stakeholders aware of current conditions and impending legislation. 

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